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Cupcake anyone?

Hey all!
This is the pillow I'm working on right now!
I know, I know.  It doesn't look like a pillow right now - it looks like a whole bunch of cupcakes!
This is the first side - I'm working on quilting all the little cupcakes - basically, outlining them - right now.  I'm almost done with that, and then I want to write something on the fabric that's going to be the back side.  
Any ideas?
Quilting pillows is the one sewing thing that I can do!  I took a fashion design class in high-school, and pillow-making is the only thing I retained, (we also made quilted bags and pajama pants and skirts, and alas, I could not tell you how we did any of it.  Although I'm determined to learn to crochet!) so I make loads of them!
I'm so excited to see the finished product!

So how are your Fridays?  Any fun plans for the weekend??  I'll be doing tons of homework!