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A Trip to Town

Last night, after looking through some old photos, I decided that I really need to start taking pictures more.
So today (after a way-too-long nap) I strapped by camera over my shoulder, and went for a walk around town.

There are so many churches in my town, it's ridiculous.  These are just photos of a couple of them.

This squirrel - Mr. Squirrel I'm calling him - posed for these photos.  He was minding his own business, climbing up the tree, when he saw me and my camera and stopped.  He was a very good model - waited until I'd taken a couple of photos, and then continued on his way.

 And of course, while I was in town, I had to stop in a few of my favorite stores.  I tried to be good...but I ended up buying a couple of shirts at the local thrift store, and a ring that I've been eyeing at the vintage jewelry store in town (it was just SO adorable - a little elephant!!)

And now, to get some laundry done that I spent the greater part of the weekend putting off.

So how about you, loves? How was your Monday?