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100 in 2012

Reading was always something I loved - I could visit other worlds.  It was almost like a connection with anybody else who had read that book and founding meanings in the words.  
In my past few semesters of college though, I've sort of let reading fall to the side.  Being busy with classes and clubs and new friends, and just the thrill of living away from home has kept me away from it.
Just recently though, I finished re-reading the Harry Potter series, and that meant that I'd been reading constantly.  Or, at the very least on days when I was busy, every night before bed.
I've read somewhere that you sleep better when you spend the time before sleeping reading or writing rather than in front of the TV or on the computer.  And I've found that, over the past couple of months, I've dreamt more.  I've woken up less throughout the night.  And falling asleep in the first place has been easier.  
So, I'm making a promise to myself, and a goal.
The promise is that I will read more this year.  I will always have a book that I am actively reading, and I won't forget about that when I get busy.
The goal is a little more difficult.  It's something that I may or may not reach, but that I want to spend the next ten months working towards.  My goal is to read 100 books in 2012.

So far this year, I've read 9 books:
 -Harry Potter Series (7)
-The Fault in our Stars

And currently, I'm working on book #10 - The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  

So how about you?  Do you love reading, or do you find that as your life gets busier, you have less time for it?  Are there any books you absolutely love that I should read?  I swear - I'd LOVE suggestions, so either leave them here, or drop on over to The Bookshelf and let me know what books you've fallen completely into!