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And I Will Try

To fix you...*

Day 11
The final week of classes for my Sophomore year is quickly approaching, and I'm left with a few papers to write, exactly four finals to take, and a room full of my life to pack into boxes and suitcases.

Today, I started the last of those things in preparation for the dreaded moving day.
Over the past couple of years - constantly moving in and out every few months - I've learned to hate packing.  Especially at the end and the beginning of the year.  When everything's laid out and in use in your room (and okay...let's be honest...a lot of it goes ignored for months upon months until the packing begins), it doesn't seem like there's so much there.  But as soon as you realize how few boxes you have, and just how many books you have stacked underneath your becomes daunting.  

There was a time when I loved sort-of tolerated packing.  A time when packing meant boarding a plane and going some place new and exciting.  Since college though, packing has just meant shuttling back and forth from home to dorm, dorm to home.  And the routine gets old, especially when it involves EVERYTHING you use regularly.  

How about you?  Do you spend a lot of your time packing and unpacking?  What do you think of it - do you hate it like me, or does it symbolize travel and new experiences for you?


* The song playing on my iPod - Fix You by Coldplay - is entirely irrelevant to this post.  But I am seeing them in concert this summer, and I can't wait!!!!