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This summer, I will stamp the first page of my passport.

All my life, I've wanted to travel, to get away from what I considered to be my boring Pennsylvania home.

I've wanted to see every state, and more than that, I've wanted to see every country.
To scream from mountains in countries whose names I can't pronounce, to meet people who speak languages I've never even heard of.  I want to wander through cities with people who have never even considered the beliefs I have, whose beliefs I've personally never heard of.
To see the landmarks I've only read about in history class.

I want to see it all, to hang a map of the world on my wall, and put a pin in each new place I visit.

Maybe I'll never see Azerbaijan, or Seychelles, but this summer, I'm going to Ireland.

This summer, I'm placing that first pin in the wall.