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The Eye of the Photographer

Day 23
For some reason, I've always loved photos of people taking pictures.  
Maybe because it shows you a side of the photography that you don't normally get to see - the photographer him/herself.  With most photography, you'll perhaps see self-portraits the photographer has done, but you never really get to see them at work.  It's the same with any art, I think.
And I feel like being able to see the photographer actually doing what they love is a side of them that says a lot.**

This isn't exactly how I would have liked for this to be.  However, since I only have the one camera, at least here with me at school, the mirror was the only way to take the picture.  Maybe, once I'm home for the summer and have more time/equipment at my disposal, I'll try this idea again...


**Not that I really consider myself a photographer per se.  But the point stands...