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I've found that, for some reason, all great writing has a beautiful love story woven into its pages.
Whether it's the primary theme of the story or not, romantic love or otherwise, the emotion and the ideas that follow with it are always an integral part of any great novel, poem, short story, play, or film.  
And it's that same feeling that so many people find themselves at a loss for words to describe that I want my writing to embody.  Everything I write, I want it to depict love in one of its many forms.

Because above all else, I want to believe in love.  And above all else, whatever love I eventually fall into,
I want it to be a paperback kind of love: the kind that little girls dream of, that couples on their honeymoon feel and that elderly widowers feel when they wake up to find that their wife is not beside them.  The kind of love that can cause an old photograph to bring tears to your eyes, and that will be read about for years to come.

Day 36