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Maybe, on some level, Hinduism has it right.
Day 18

A part of me would love to believe that they do.  To believe that we get another chance at all of this.  A new beginning to take our lives in an entirely different direction.
I mean, wouldn't that be a wonderful thought?  All those different directions that my life takes in my dreams, what if I had a chance to do it differently.
And I realize that's not how reincarnation works.  You come back as something/one entirely different, and it depends on how you lived your first life.
But as I wandered around campus today photographing all the flowers and plants in different stages of blooming, the thought occurred to me.  Each year, plants start an entirely new life.  They die each fall, and in the spring, they have another chance at life.
Isn't that a beautiful thought?

I almost made this my 365 photo for the day...