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Day 26

In the years that I've been carrying a camera around like a fifth limb, I've never been big on self-portraiture (or even portraiture at all, for that matter).  But if there's one thing I've always at least believed, it's that when it comes to portraits, they should say something about the person photographed.

For me, I feel like this photo embodies who I am on a certain level, because I've always been wanderlust at heart (is that the proper way of saying that?)  It's not a quietly passing craving for me, but a deep need that has always been in me.  And highways have always been a part of that.  
When I'm on the highway, I feel like I could go on forever.  Like I could simply drive until I don't feel like it anymore, and see where I end up.
Most young adults feel invincible in every aspect of their lives, like nothing can possibly touch them, and it forces them to do things that they'll remember for the rest of their lives.  For some people, it hits them at certain defining moments in their lives.
I've never felt that way, except when I'm on the highway. 
I feel like everything is out ahead of me, just mine for the taking.  Each exit offers a different sort of future.

So maybe it's not the best picture.  Maybe it's a relatively typical self-portrait.  But I love it.