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On Being a Crazy Cat Lady

A couple of months ago, a friend informed me of the crazy-cat-lady requirements.
"Kiersten," she told me, "once you have five cats, you officially become a crazy-cat-lady."
Day 56

At the time, I thought I was safe.
Phew, I only have one cat!
But, in retrospect, I may be worse off than those women with ten cats stuffed into a one-bedroom apartment, sharing 3 litter boxes.  

she was intent on learning what the big black thing was that I insisted on shoving in her face
My entire life, I've always had a cat.  Through every move, every birthday, every heartbreak, I cuddled up at night with a Calico, a Tabby, a Siamese, and the list goes on.  Now, just a few months away from 21, I don't know how I could live without a cat.
Even just the few months away at school make me miss the black and white cat hair all over every article of clothing, the clawing at my bedroom door, and the not so subtle good-mornings of a little pink nose shoved in my face.  
So maybe I am a crazy-cat-lady (although perhaps I should let go of my former plan to have my cat as ring bearer at my wedding someday. Too far?), but I don't think I'd have it any other way.

How about you? Do you have a pet you couldn't live without?