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The First Day: Exploring Dublin

As in all things, the dust has settled.  
A couple of days back at work has brought me back to America, so that I no longer spend the greater part of my days wishing for the green hills of Ireland; for another funny man with a gorgeous accent to whisk me off to somewhere pretty in a bus driving down the left side of the road (although a few hours at work left me wondering why I ever came home).

So now, it's your turn.  For both my own sanity (sorting through nearly 1000 pictures and trying to narrow them down enough for one post would land me in a padded room, I'm sure) and because six days in Ireland is just too much to absorb in one day (even if by one day I mean one blog post), I'm going to let you in on my trip one day at a time.  As the title of this post so slyly suggests, we spent our first day in Ireland (Sunday) exploring the new city we found ourselves in - Dublin.

Because we arrived on a red-eye flight early on Sunday morning, we didn't have any tours planned for the day.  So we dropped our bags off at the hotel (it was only 8:30, and since check-in wasn't for a couple of hours, there weren't any rooms available yet), and set off into the city with our taxi-driver's advice in mind: stay right.  Apparently going left at any point before reaching city center would lead to the proverbial "bad part of town".

Although we got a little lost, we did find this adorable little bus-stop turned park.
(while we took picture after picture, three girls in Trinity sweaters stared us down, presumably thinking "stupid tourists") 

In the entire week we spent in Ireland, this was one of the only Irish flags we saw.  Apparently hanging the flag everywhere is an American tradition.

And have a conversation with a complete stranger we did, but more on that later.  

My delicious lunch found at a sports bar of sorts, where all the "football" fans congregated for a beer before the game.
Can I just tell you how many different forms of potato were on that plate? 
Three.  There were three types of potatoes on that plate.  And let me just assure you that they were all delicious!

A group of people presumably walking to the football game.  Our hotel was right across from the stadium, and our first day there it played host to a game between to apparently well-known teams.  

Remember that stranger I mentioned?  Well, here he is.  Or at least one of them.  Him (Brenden) and a friend (who goes by a name I didn't quite understand through his accent) happened to be sitting at a table next to ours at dinner, and when he saw Corey (brother) taking a picture of me, he decided to photo-bomb.

Corey and I, of course.  

So there's Day One guys.
More tomorrow.  I promise!


PS.  Here's Day 70
Day 70