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The Third Day: Cruise the River Liffey

The gods of out-of-country tours decided to reward us on our third day in Ireland, figuring that being up at 4:30 the previous day warranted a day of sleeping in.  
So, on Tuesday we had a tour of the River Liffey planned.  The tour was only 45 minutes, and left every hour on the hour.  So we decided to sleep in a bit, and go at 11am.

The boat was an entirely enclosed did not for good pictures make.  
I did get a few good ones though. And then, for the first time since I can't remember when, I just sat back and enjoyed the tour without a camera lens to my eye.
And after the tour, brother and I went on our own little walking tour of the path alongside the Liffey.  (because I can only go so long without photographing all the beauty around me)

And now, I bring you an abridged Ireland history lesson.

The seagulls were all over Dublin.  And while on our first day, brother and I couldn't understand why, by the time we took this tour we understood.  They came for the River that all of Dublin is built around and upon.

 According to our tour guide, the O2 is the big stadium in Dublin - it's where concerts take place, comedians bring laughter to the masses, and politicians greet their people.
 This is part of the Famine Memorial in Dublin.  We could see it from the boat, but I needed a closer look to get any kind of pictures.
 Apparently, Ireland lost 2million citizens to the famine - 1 million to death, and another million to immigration.
 Remember the tale of the troll under the bridge? 
I didn't, but apparently Dublin does.
Every so often along the Liffey, there's another bridge allowing people and cars to cross.
This bridge was built to look like a harp - the country's national symbol.
 During the famine, this boat when back and forth 14 times transporting immigrants.
It was the only ship that, in all its trips, never had a single casualty.
 My first experience with crepes :)
I ordered the lemon and sugar one.
(the jury is still out on how I feel about it)