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Wish You Were Here (The Ireland Edition)

It's morning here in Ireland, and while my brother wakes himself up for our tour of the River Liffey, I'm doing what I do every morning in America - I sift through photos of the night before.
Let me just start by saying - this country is incredible.  I cannot possibly describe to you, in words or photographs, how gorgeous it is here.  Just random stops on the road with our tour-guide yesterday were gorgeous.  Stops that in America, I'd probably have paid no mind to.
Every day, I meet somebody from another country, and not just Ireland.  I've met a Swiss couple, and spoken to a woman originally from Canada, who now lives in France.  On our tour yesterday, we were one of two American groups - everyone else on the tour was from another country.
And each and every one of them was shocked by the beauty of every stop, but especially of The Cliffs of Moher (pronounced Mow-er, in case you were curious. Because up until yesterday, I thought it was Mo-hair)
I can't possibly share every photo with you, but I'd like to show you a few - because I'm just too excited not to.
This was the first photo I took in Dublin.  We were wandering around the city while they got our room ready, and I saw this door knocker.
Only I would go out of the country, and find flowers worth photographing

I'm thinking this was just a prettied up busstop, because the girls waiting for the bus there were laughing at us.  But we thought it was worth photographing

These stickers are all over Dublin City.

On our first day here, there was a football game (er...for you Americans like in the stadium.  These guys were playing for all the fans

Saint James' Castle in Limerick

Yes, that is an American flag you see.  No, I am not lying about being in Ireland.  According to our tour guide, they learned a long time ago to "stroke the American ego" and since "4th of July or whatever" was a few days ago, they had flags up for the American tourists.  It makes us spend more money.

The Cliffs of Moher!!

Happiest cows on earth, apparently 

Everywhere you go in Ireland, there is music

O'Brian's Tower.  A long time ago, a man named O'Brian had this put up because he knew the cliffs would become a tourist attraction.  No joke

Random stop on the tour - gorgeous cliffs that have no name or importance.  They just look incredible

A dilapidated church - it was abandoned during the Potato Famine

The grass was just so green...I had to take a picture


We were all smitten with this kitten.  Hey....that rhymed!

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