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Moving On

It's the end of summer, and I'm feeling the familiar itch.
The need to move, and be somewhere that isn't here anymore.  Tomorrow, I move into my dorm for my Junior year of college.
I spent the majority of my summer being terrified, because being a junior means being halfway through college...halfway to the real world where I have no idea how to even begin to find a career, even with four years of college under my belt.
But it's August.  Tomorrow I move in.  And I'm so ready; so ready to move on to somewhere new, even if it's not really new and I won't be there for too much longer.

All my life I've needed to move around, or at least for as long as I can remember.  I always pictured myself living in a city like New York, where everything is always different and I'd never recognize the people I see on the street.  Where I can simply turn a corner and feel like I'm somewhere entirely new, change my outfit and be a new person.  

I've always liked beginnings because it marks the start of something new.
Tomorrow, I begin my third year of college.  And I can't wait.