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One Night Stand

It had been a long time coming...or not a long time, but they'd both known from the start that this had to end soon.

As the sun was going down, making way for the moon to take his place in the darkened night sky, they'd both stood in line at the coffee shop, waiting for their gingerbread hot chocolates to surface amongst all the lattes and cups of coffee.  

When the first one came up, they both reached for it. And for just a second, their hands touched.  
Nothing special, just confusion over who's drink was ready.  A moment of comparing receipts before he said she could have it...he'd wait for the next one.  

And while he waited, they'd talked.  
Somehow, they'd talked about everything - her fear of never finding a career she loved as much as she loved the feel of her camera in her hands, and his of never getting out of this city where the lights shone too bright and the people never slept.  

When the shop closed a couple hours later, and they were the only ones left aside from the barristas, they made a decision, although neither of them ever actually spoke the words.

They'd spend the night together, talking until the sun started to peek through the clouds, and they knew everything there was to know about one another.  And then they'd sleep.  And when the moon had gone, they'd part. 

No promises beyond the light that shown through her bedroom curtains, and the cup of tea they'd share for breakfast.

But now she was watching the slant of the light across his calf where the blanket didn't quite cover him.     And she was wishing the morning didn't have to come, because she wasn't quite sure she'd ever loved anybody this much.  
And she could make this man the career she'd always been missing.