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I know that it's Saturday, and that I have so many reasons to be happy.
I had a list of things to talk about - going back to school, friends, the local newspaper...
But instead, I find myself so angry about something I never even considered a possibility in this country.
Too angry to talk about anything else.

This afternoon, checking all my little places on the internet, I saw a post someone wrote about Georgia schools that linked to an article.
In Georgia, there is a controversy over whether or not private/religious schools should be allowed to expel students for being gay/lesbian or for supporting gays/lesbians.

I honestly didn't think that would ever be a question America would ask.

"Do these children, by virtue of their personal and sexual identity, have the same right to an education that a straight student does?"

I didn't think it could ever go this far in a country where we fight and die for our freedom.  For other peoples' freedoms.  

I didn't think it would come this far.
And now that it has, I can't believe it's even a conversation we're having.
How can we possibly debate whether or not someone has a right to an education?  What else can we possibly take away?

I'm furious that, because of a Bible, certain students can be denied the education they and their parents want.  I'm furious that our country is entertaining this bigotry.  
I'm furious that this isn't just an isolated incident at one school, but something happening at schools across an entire state.  Something that will likely spread to other states in America.  
I'm furious that in 2013, we still have so much trouble with equality, something that I thought we'd dealt with before I was born.
So much trouble that we have to actually make a law stopping educators from banning certain students based not on disobedience, violence, or anything else, but on a part of their identity they don't even have a choice about.

I'm furious, and I don't know what to say.  How to fix what is so broken in this country.