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Friday's Letters

Dear Winter While I'm sure that in 6 months I'll be (almost) ready for your cool nights, right now I'm ready for Summer.  I think there's about a month of you left before the lovely transition that Spring brings, and it couldn't pass sooner.
Dear Room Above Me Why do you insist on playing your music so loudly that is shakes my ceiling?  I can't imagine you'd enjoy it any less if the whole building wasn't also hearing it...
Dear Cannoli Cupcakes You are divine.  I don't know how I've made it 21 years without you, but the day my friend introduced us was the end - I have changed my mind about cupcakes for you

Dear Yellow Coat As I always hoped you would be, you have become a sort of trademark...  My professor today couldn't find me in the classroom because I didn't have you on.  I suspect we will have a lasting relationship, you and I.
Dear Valentine's Day You passed again without a Valentine for me, but that's alright because you did bring me a lovely night with friends full of ziti, chocolate, cookies, and laughs.  And really, what else should a girl try to ask for?
Dear Thought Catalog My love for you deepens each day....

So what about you?  Who would you write a letter to this week?
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