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Come Quickly

Dear you,

I know I've said to take your time...that you deserve that, and so do I (and I still believe that - that we're both young, and we have so much time) That when the "time is right", I'll drop my books in front of you, so to speak.  That one day, it will happen.

But lately...well, lately I've been wondering about that.
About the waiting, and having faith that one day we'll meet.  And I won't screw it up when we do - because you should know I'm good at that.  If you'd like to believe the last few years, it's what I'm best at actually.
My friends tell me that when it's you, I won't be able to screw it up - you won't care.  But that doesn't sound quite right to me.  I've screwed a lot up in my life...

Or maybe it's just not what I want to hear.  Maybe I want to hear that you're coming, because I'm starting to feel like I should buy a couple cats.


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