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Oh so Quotable

After a weekend of being away, I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats waiting to hear what I've been up to lately, so I won't keep you waiting....

Listening to Passenger.  Specifically, this song - they're just so incredibly good!  Do yourself a huge favor, and take a listen.

Working all weekend.  But I like it - I love waitressing, and I've missed it :)
Eating buffalo chicken fingers.  I know they're awful for me, but they taste so good, I just can't stop myself!  And the fries that come on the side...well, those are just an added bonus
Loving that I reached my goal of 100 followers over the weekend!  Thank you guys so much, and if you haven't already - check out Good Day Sunshine's Bloglovin.

Anticipating less than two weeks from now when I get to move in with my friends to our first apartment!  I'm so excited, it's ridiculous!  Tips on a first apartment, anyone?
Wishing the warm weather would stay, and these 30-40 degree days would just disappear until November.  It's almost MAY!
Quoting F Scott Fitzgerald and Shakespeare.  These are my favorite quotes of the moment:
-Doctor Who
Wondering what your favorite quotes are?  I love hearing new ones!


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