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On Why I'm Not a Foodie Blogger

On Monday, I mentioned that I baked over the weekend.
(I know, try not to be too shocked right off the bat, because there's definitely more coming)
I needed to make something for a bake sale at school, and rather than go with my mom's easy suggestion to make chocolate covered pretzels, I consulted my Pinterest board filled with all the yummy things I'll never know how to make.

Well, since I love lemons, like eat-them-whole kind of love (no, that's not a joke.  just ask my coworkers), I thought the obvious choice was Lemon Crinkle Cookies.

Just so you know, here's what they were supposed to look like.
Sounds delicious, right?  Well, that's what I thought too, and so I got to work mixing ingredients and zesting lemons, and eating raw batter!

By some miracle, 20 minutes later my first batch came out looking just like those!  On the more realistic side of things though, I didn't taste a drop of lemon in them...more like sugar cookies if you ask me.

See? Aren't they beautiful?
But that's when things took a sad turn.  Acting on instinct (which, for the record, an awful cook should never do when it comes to baking...), I added more zest...but not more of any other ingredient.  More zest = more lemony, right?
Well...wrong....and also an awful idea for other reasons.

Painful to even look at, I know...
And to make matters worse, they still weren't very lemony!

And now I guess you all know why Good Day Sunshine isn't a foodie blog, despite my obvious love of anything I can eat...
And I guess now I know to just follow the darned recipe, right down to every. last. measurement.
For the record though, the ugly cookies sold better at the bake sale the next day.  Go figure.

Do you have any funny kitchen disasters?  Share them - it'll make me feel better about my epic fail!


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