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The Reasons I Love Lifestyle Blogging

(1) I'm a fairly introverted person (INTJ anyone?), but I love knowing about people (because I'm weird that way).  The lifestyle blogging community is so well-connected, and it's so easy to get to know other women that way! (or maybe I'm just nosy....)

(2) I'm not that good at any one thing, except maybe for writing.  Lifestyle blogging lets me write about a little bit of everything, but not a lot of anything.

(3) I never really know what to expect on the blogs I read!

(4) I can spend an entire post talking about how much I adore my cat, about the cookies I failed to make, or just posting photos if that's what I feel like doing that day.  And best of all, I can tell my roommates how much I love them (seriously guys, a week and a half!!!)

(5) I get to justify spending hours on the internet (I'm looking at you Pinterest and Twitter) and it's totally justified because it's for the good of the blog!  Or is that still weird anyway....

(6) When it's a Wednesday, and I'm too tired to think of a legitimate post, I can make a ridiculous list like this.


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