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Lovely Serendipity

I don't think I've ever really believed in serendipity.  I've seen it in movies, and read it in books, and watched it on television; but in real life, it was basically a beautiful unicorn - one I'd never get to photograph.

I dreamt of serendipity - of meeting my husband at work one night when he sat down in my section (although let's be real for just one second: if a man at my table tried to give me his number, I'd probably write him off as a total creep to whom I'd served one too many Golden Monkeys).  Of vacationing in New York City and finding the perfect apartment while there - deciding to pick up and move at the last second just because.  Of just happening to fall into my dream job, somehow lucky enough to meet someone on the street.
I day-dreamed all these and a thousand more pieces of my would-be life, and I never truly believed any of them would actually happen.  Life seemed too real for that, for the fairy tales made of serendipity and perfect apartments and love at first sight.  So I just spent 21 years dreaming of things I never believed would come to pass.

And maybe I still don't believe; I am, at heart, a sceptic.
But after today, I have to believe that there was something in the breeze, in that moment at work when a dream walked in and made itself real.

For today, I believe in serendipity.


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