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On Why We are all Crazy

On the regular, I am reminded of how awkward a person I am.  I trip on air.  I name my plants. I run into customers at work and promise them mozzarella sticks even though, in all the time I've worked at this particular restaurant, mozzarella sticks have never been an item on our menu.  I great everyone I know about a fictional character I have apparently become obsessed with (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I blame you....).  I have an accent from a country I've spent a grand total of 5 days in throughout the entirety of my life.  I tell boys I find attractive that I am a lizard (and trust me, I wish I were exaggerating or making that up).

And, well, perhaps most awkward of all, I spend a large portion of my time writing, in essence, letters to hundreds of people I don't know.  And wishing that more people would read my "letters".  But at least that last one is something that I'm not alone in, right?  But in case you're thinking "now Kiersten, blogging isn't that awkward of a hobby", I'm going to list some of the most ridiculous things we women of the blog world do.

(1)  You know how sometimes you think of a random thing from your day, and suddenly you just have to tell whoever you're with?  And they're not the slightest bit interested in the peanut-butter sandwich you had for lunch.  Well....we found the perfect place to tell those stories - and we tell them to hundreds of strangers on the internet who, if told this story in real life, would likely fall asleep from boredom.

(2) We pay people to tell random strangers on the internet that we are awesome and, hopefully, direct pageviews our way.  We advertise our stories about our peanut-butter sandwich.

(3)  We have mild panic attacks when we haven't posted anything today, and it's a weekday which obviously the people in our lives should understand is a very big deal.  Or at least...I do this....

(4) Remember when our moms told us not to talk to strangers and, as we got older, not to meet strangers on the internet?  Apparently we were busy rocking out to Avril Lavigne that day, because none of us got the memo.  And I am ridiculously jealous every time I read a post from a blogger I love who met another blogger I love in person.

(5) Every silly, ridiculous, embarrassing, or just plain pointless thing that happens to us is a potential blog post.  And when we don't have anything to tell, we make lists.

(6) We take silly photos like this on Photobooth.  And then post them for the internet to see.


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