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Thoughts Upon Moving Out

Being an apartment-renter (you know, like home-owner...except not) has awakened some strange urges in this girl lately.  It's like I'm turning into that woman my parents always swore I would, worried that my guests might decide to hate me if the house isn't perfectly clean when they come over.
Over the past month or so, thoughts and sentences such as these have occurred far too many times for my comfort....

** "Ohmygod I need to clean that bathroom right NOW" **

** "Roomie, I'm going to turn our home into a garden, okay?  It'll take some time though...I'll just bring home new flowers a couple of times a week..Actually, let's just go to Otts"
(most recently, I bought a peace lily from ACME at 11 at night on Friday) **

** "You don't know what Otts is!?!?!? We have to go NOW! They have volcano flowers, and a hill covered in mums!!" **

** "I should stop spending so much fact, I should put money into my savings"
(in case you were worried about that one....I spent over 100$ at the mall on Friday.  So don't worry, that don't spend money thing obviously isn't too strong an urge...) **

** "Grocery shopping! YAYY!"
(with, might I add, not a hint of sarcasm to be found) **

** "I wish I could paint....this room would be prettier in color!" **

** "Wow... I love all those Pinterest boards full of home decor even more now!"
(That, I was unaware was even a possibility) **

What kind of crazy things did you start thinking/doing/saying when you got your first apartment/home?? I know I can't be the only crazy person with a blog...


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