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Big Brother Cliques

So if you ladies in blog-land are anything like me (or like my roommates and you've been coerced), you are obsessed with the show Big Brother.  With August just around the corner, we're about a month into BB15, and it's about that time where everyone has more than a few opinions about the house guests.  And, if you're anything like me, you've probably grouped them in your mind; and if you haven't, well, it's time to develop some.
The Big Brother Network calls these ladies - Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Ginamarie - the "Mean Girls Alliance", and let me tell you - I couldn't agree more.  If you've seen Mean Girls (and let's be honest, if you haven't you should probably go watch it right this second before you even finish reading this post), it's obvious that these girls are them.
Here / Here
 And if there's anything that motivates these girls, it's when someone kicks "their men" out of the house - even if those men never really showed much interest in them to begin with.
David Here / Nick Here / Jeremy Here
 Although, in Nick's defense - he said in an interview after the fact that he plans to keep his word, and will take her on a date to a monster truck rally.  So good luck to them, I guess.

But they're definitely not the weirdest "showmances" this season.  Actually, my vote for what are you two doing together goes to McCrae and Amanda.
Isn't anybody else even slightly concerned that she's using him for how easily manipulated he is? I'm a bit worried that she'll move on when she figures out he's not lying about being a pizza boy...

And then there's America's favorite - Elissa, for no real reason other than that she has a sister; one who, apparently, she doesn't believe she looks anything like judging by her decision to lie about it for the first couple weeks.
Here / Here
But mommy's group together in the Big Brother house, and Elissa seems to be a lot better-liked than her sister was, at least by fellow mother, Helen.
 And that's all I've got as far as opinions, since the rest of this season's contestants don't really say or do much as far as the game is concerned.

What about you?  Do you watch Big Brother, and have any opinions about it? I'm all ears!


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