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A Letter to a Lost Friend

To a Lost Friend -

I spoke to you a few months ago - a brief Facebook conversation that felt hours longer than the 15 minutes it actually lasted.  It was the first time I'd heard from you in what seems like years....what actually is years, now I think about it.

And it's strange, because we spent those minutes awkwardly catching up -
"what major did you end up declaring?"
"are you still with that guy?"
"can you believe we're almost seniors???"

- when just a few years ago, your answers to those questions came as easily to me as my own answers.

And I think my professor phrased it perfectly, without ever really meaning to -
"you used to be so close, and now you don't even know where they are."

And I just wanted to say that I missed you.  And I do, but I think the small talk is more painful than not knowing where you are in life.  So I think, maybe, this should be our "goodbye" - the one we were both always too afraid to say to one another all those years ago.