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Reasons Being Grown Up ROCKS!

After yesterday's post, I'm feeling a bit better about this whole "growing up" thing.  Maybe because a couple of lovely ladies in the comments were sweet enough to tell me it gets better, or maybe because the light of day adds a bit of perspective that just isn't there at 1AM.  

Whatever the reason - I'm remembering why, 10 years ago, I couldn't wait to be this old.  I think we all reach a certain age where we start bashing "the real world", and wondering why we used to pretend to be all grown up when we were little.  
But maybe the key is to remember the amazing things we envisioned adulthood to be when we were still in preschool.  At least a few of them are true...

You're the boss of things.  Yeah, you have a boss at work who gets to tell you what to do for several hours a day, but then you get to go home.  To your home, where you can eat ice cream for breakfast with all the cherries on top you could ever want.  You can stay in bed all day Sunday if you want, just because you don't feel like moving and this book is too good to put down.  

No bed time!! 
I think that's all that really needs to be said about that.


Nobody's going to send you to time-out if you leave your clothes in the dryer a bit longer than technically you should.  So what if the cycle is over, and the clothes are going to wrinkle if you don't fold them?  Big Brother is on!

And speaking of Big Brother, you get to choose what to watch on TV.  No parents putting on PBS or, horror of horrors, Fox News.  Want to watch 5 straight episodes of Friends OnDemand? Go for it!

You're the one making the decisions, so if something goes wonderfully right - nobody else gets to take the credit. You earned that promotion.  You paid all those bills early, and had enough money to go buy that really cute shirt you were looking at last week.  
And if things go wrong, yeah it sucks - but you know nobody else put you there.  There's a sense of control and even calmness in knowing that you screwed up, and don't have to wait around for anybody else to fix it.

Family holiday?  No more sitting at the Fisher Price table in the corner.  Now you get to sit at the grown-up table, and have conversations that don't revolve around who has to clean up the blocks after dinner.

At the end of a bad day, you get to come home to your bed.  If you want someone to talk to, you can.  And if you just want to be alone, there's nobody pestering you about what went wrong.

And don't worry - I won't tell if you still sleep with a stuffed animal (probably because I do), or if you want to call your parents for advice after a bad day.  
So what do you love about being grown up??

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