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Word Vomit

It's nearing the part of the day where a post becomes "late", and I'm still staring at this blank screen thinking "I can't not post again.", and so I'm thinking the best thing to do is just kind of word dump on you. In a list format, of course.

I am definitely a crazy cat lady.  My friends have always joked about it, and I've laughed along like it was all in good fun.  But when it's hour 6 of your work-night and you've spent the last couple hours showing all of your coworkers pictures and videos of your's not really a joke anymore, is it?
He's just so adorable though - how could I not love him?  From my Instagram
I'm trying, not for the first time (or second or third...ahem) to read The Book Thief.  And the thing is, it's a really good book - like I don't understand why, about halfway through, I lose interest. 
But school starts in less than a week, and so I'm setting a goal for myself - finish the book by Sunday.
Wanna hold me to that, blog-land?

A week from today, I will be at my internship.  Nervous doesn't really properly convey how I'm feeling right now, but I am so excited at the same time!

I just heard an ice cream truck outside.  I think that really speaks for itself....
Why is this my first second thought upon hearing the ice cream truck?  Probably because of my obsession with Harry Potter...  (from here)

Remember that time I told myself I was going to be healthy? 
Yeah, me neither.  Can you pass the ice cream?

This song.

Thank you to my job, and the people who play music there for getting me addicted to this song.

And that's all I've got for you today.  Thanks for putting up with my word vomit...