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An Open Letter to Snow

Dear Snow,

Tuesday afternoon, and here you are again - just a few days after the sun came out for the first time in what feels like centuries and melted you.  I'll be honest...I wasn't too sad to see you go.  I was pretty upset to see you falling back down outside my window, though.

We've had some rough times, snow; but I think this winter has been the worst.  I just can't seem to go anywhere without finding you on the bottoms of my boots and tracking into my house.  You're cold, and pretty inconvenient.  The 10 inches last week?  It trapped me in my parents' house for two days, and I was going a little more than stir crazy.  It hasn't been a fun year for us, and we're only a month in.

Honestly, it's no secret that I prefer the sun.  But I want to apologize for making you sound all bad.  There was a time, snow, when I couldn't wait for you to come by.  A 10% chance of one inch had me smiling like an idiot with the thought that school might be canceled the next day.  I made snow women, snow angels, snow forts...snow everything, really.  You gave my friends and I hours of enjoyment when I was younger.

And do you remember freshman year of college?  I barely had class those first two weeks; coloring and watching movies on the projector with all my dorm-mates was pretty awesome, I'll admit.  So I know you're pretty great.

But snow, I think you and I are better off as "sometimes friends".  You know what I mean?  I love seeing you a couple times a year, but this every day thing - I think it's toxic for us.  Snow, I think we need to take a break from each other.  We can take another look in, say, nine months?

                                                                                                                                              Love always,