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I'm Kiersten,
a twenty-something college student, studying Communications and Journalism, and hoping like hell the world will be ready and waiting when I come for it.

I may not be a mom, or a wife or girlfriend, and I may not travel the world, but I am me.
I love words and pictures and anything else that shows the beauty all around us.
My favorite playlists have The Beatles and Mumford & Sons on them.
I adore the color yellow.
I might spend too much time on Netflix.
I have a tendency to overuse exclamation points!
I have a Kitty at home waiting for me to come back from college, and she is more than willing to be my loyal photo subject (er...most of the time).

I love all the beautiful things about life (most of the time), and I think the world is just completely full of surprises waiting for all of us; even when we feel like all the good surprises have been used (Big Daddy, anyone?) and nothing at all about life even sort of resembles beautiful.

I believe that I have absolutely no idea what I believe in, but that one day I'll figure it out.
I believe that every so often, we need a day alone to figure it all out - but that doesn't mean the world won't still be waiting.
I believe that if I wait long enough, if I keep looking around every corner, beneath every so-very-old tree, the world will show me.
And who could deny this beautiful earth that chance to prove itself - to make us see how beautiful it is?

I blog to add a little beauty to each day, and to help remind myself to find it in every moment 
(even when I am just lying in bed with Oh, Darling and a brand new blog post to keep me company)

If you're wondering what you'll find here, it's a pretty big mix of my day-to-day-life, the random and rambling thoughts that run through my head, writings when the mood hits me, photos when I remember my camera, pins I just adore, and the occasional single post to balance out all those married ones out there.  Oo, and lest I forget, The Beatles, because what good would a blog be without a little bit of The Beatles thrown in?

Maybe it doesn't always seem like it, but today's a Good Day Sunshine.  

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