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So remember yesterday when I said the weather finally sounded like Spring?
Well.  I lied.
I don't know about you, but it's 84 degrees here right now (and the high was 87)!!!
Apparently we're not doing the whole "spring thing" this year.

That's okay, Mother Nature.  You're right; I don't feel like dealing with four seasons either.  It was out of style anyway.

So my roommate and I decided that since it was so hot, today was a good day for ice cream (especially since our town plays host to two ice cream places and a frozen yogurt place, plus a Rita's if you walk far enough!)

Well.  Both ice cream places were closed, and we weren't feeling the fro yo today.
And silly us, we forgot Rita's existed.
So no ice cream for us :(  BUT we did get a nice walk in, and took some different roads in and out of town, leading us to discover what we think is an abandoned church (it certainly doesn't LOOK like anybody was there praying yesterday!) and some strange little STOP Sign poetry/messages.

"Sometimes I think I hear my heart beating, but I believe it is the sound of butterfly wings"

And finally, Day 1 of my 365! :)

Day 1

So how about you?  How are you enjoying the un-seasonal weather?