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Spring is Here

Well...I guess technically that's not news.  
Spring has been here for a few weeks.  It's just now that the weather is starting to catch up though, and let's be honest:
this kind of weather - cute dresses and flowers, birds working as an alarm clock to my mornings - make me crave something.  
Some acknowledgement of the change, of the new season.
And let me just put this out there, that I love new things.  I love new beginnings and the idea of starting fresh.

So, tomorrow I'm going to start something.
In the past, I've tried this in a number of ways, at a number of times - both times of year and times of my life.  
But this is something I've always wanted to do - to start and finish.

So tomorrow, I'm going to begin what is my third fourth attempt at a 365 Project.

I know it's nothing big, but it's something.  And I'd really like to finish it this time.

Any advice?  Have you completed (or are you currently working on) a project of your own?  I'd love to hear about it!!