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Sundays are for Relaxing

If I had to tell anyone my favorite day of the week, I think it would be a tie between Saturday and Sunday, depending on my mood.  Saturdays are wonderful for going out and partying, but Sundays are, as always, "the day of rest".
This week, Sunday has been my favorite.  With finals coming up, everything has been so hectic.  And although the stress has been making me itch for a party, having not found one all weekend, I've fallen back on Sunday.  
So, this Sunday night, here is my Sunday Love List

* Entire Sundays spent with friends
*Going out to the movies/ spending nights in watching movies
*In reference to the above comment, Nicolas Sparks movies
*Also, in addition, 80's Romantic films.  Specifically, anything John Hughes produced or which stars the Brat Pack
*Red Nailpolish
*Getting to watch my friends participating in something they love
(On Thursday night, I was able to watch my friend's dance recital (? show?)  It was so much fun!
*Seeing my own work finally pay off 
(this week is the award ceremony for the literary magazine at school, for which I am on the Exec Board
*That amazing feeling when you finish a paper
*Knowing that in a couple of months, I'll be in Ireland
*And before that, I'll be spending a week down the beach with one of my best friends

Day 7
How were your Sundays?  What's your favorite day of the week?