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Guess What?

I have ears!!!
No, but actually, I got my ears pierced (again).  That one on the left? The halfway-up-my-ear one? 
Yeah, that happened today.  
It's a piercing I've been wanting for a while, and I finally did it today! :)
(and it hurts like a...)
ps. please ignore the "maybe if I smile at it, it'll go away" look on my face.  It was supposed to be a smile.

Day 39
In other news, I finally got that new book I've been wanting!  Just from reading a couple chapters while at my friend's house (yeahh....I'm that girl) I can tell I'm going to love it!
Like stay-up-all-night-reading-even-though-I-have-work-in-the-morning kind of love it.
(It's called "This is How" and it's by that guy...Augusten case you were wondering. 
(Thank me later)