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"Have You Ever Seen the Rain

comin' down on a sunny day?"

Outside of our window, the sun is shining over the bay.  But true to the word of the hourly forecast, it's been thundering and raining all most of the morning.  

Perhaps that's a personal bias based on the fact that it's my first time in Avalon and I've always had a place in my heart for beach towns, but I never want to go home.

disclaimer: these are not my feet, nor did I take this picture - my friend did
Well hello, Ocean
Our view from outside of our window
Sunset outside of the house
Cape May Zoo :)  (the reason behind my wearing PANTS on an 80degree trip to the zoo is unknown even to me)

I just wanted to hug this little guy
Day 59 (yesterday)
Day 60 (today) **
I'd just like to add that over the course of writing this post (about 20 minutes) it's gone from sunny, to rainy, to now sunny again.  Ohhh, beach weather.


** The photo for today was added hours after I originally wrote this post