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The Woes of Packing

I’m a forgetful packer.
This is a problem that you’d think two years of living at college (moving to one place or another every few months) would have fixed.  But twenty minutes into the 2-hour car drive to the beach, and I’ve already compiled a list of things I’ve forgotten:
  • suntan lotion (oo, my Irish blood)
  • Dramamine (my motion sickness is rivaled by no other)
  • a sweater (like a newborn, it can be depended upon that I will be cold in any climate)
My laptop though, I did not forget. Or my teddy bear - he and I have a long-standing agreement that I will go nowhere without him.  To this point, I’ve held my part of the deal up.
What kind of a packer are you?  Do you overpack? Forget things? Pack weeks ahead of time?

**This post was written last night, en route to the beach.

Day 58