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Yellow Punch Buggy

Day 53
One day (when I learn to drive, that is) I will own a yellow beetle, just like this one.  Well...maybe my car won't have all the flowers and hearts on it...and it will have to be just a tad bit bigger.  But you know, other than that, it'll be completely the same!

In other news, over the past week, this song has taken up permanent residence in my head.  It creeped in slowly, playing in the background of my everyday life - whether it be on the radio driving somewhere, or playing at work, when I'm only barely paying attention.  When I looked up the music video though, it was too late to turn around.  By the time I looked, it had already commandeered its own drawer in the theoretical bathroom.   

Anyway...go listen! And then, while you're at it, listen to everything else by Gotye and Kimbra.  
They're awesome.

(I apologize ahead of time for the time you will lose listening to this video, and for the fact that you'll find yourself periodically singing it to yourself without your prior knowledge of the fact)