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If the World is Ending...

On Friday, we prepared for the world to end: with parties, alcohol, good food, and music.
Of course, here we still are, and who would have expected anything less?  But it makes me wonder.

I spent our "last day on earth" waitressing to 20-somethings in sparkly dresses drinking End of the World Shots, fruity drinks, and specialty beers.
I served more baskets of wings than I can count, and I listened to a mix of music from today, and from years ago (er... read: Michael Jackson mashups leading into "I like big butts and I can not lie...", followed by "Jessie's Girl" and Rihanna's newest hit.).

And when I fell into bad around 1:30AM, I wondered...if this were the end of the world, is this how we would have wanted to spend it?
Our first reaction to years' worth of predictions is to party until we black out.  In the bathroom, I overheard a woman tell a girl throwing up that we might as well party if this is our last day on earth.
But if it were up to me....if I knew this was my last day (whatever the reason), I'd spend it with friends, with family, with people I love.

I'd call the friends I love who I haven't spoken to in years, just to tell them I'm sorry. I love them. I'd hug the people who changed my life, and I'd read a good book.  I'd cook my favorite meal, or maybe I'd order in.  I'd go for a walk in the park, ride a horse one last time.  

I'd do what I love, with the people I love, one last time - and as much as I enjoy waitressing, I wouldn't find myself in a restaurant.  

When the world does end - or at least when ours does....when we reach our last days on earth....what will we find ourselves doing?  Ordering one more drink before last call?
Or is that just our knee jerk reaction?  Instead, would we spend our final moments with the people we'd want to see last - the people we'd want to leave this world thinking of?

What do you think?  And if you only had one day left to live, how would you spend it?