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Saturday Reasons to Smile

This week, I am so very grateful for

 Some of the incredible opportunities I've had....
Such as being able to spend a day in a local newsroom 
Seeing my name in print.  
It doesn't seem to get old... 
My Kitty.
Even at 21 years old, I love curling up in bed with my cat.
Especially raspberries.  I've been craving them so much lately!
Making pie with my dad.
And then eating the pie.
Good books.  
The kind that I can't put down, but never want to finish.
Edgar Allan Poe.
I've read so much of his work.  Wrote my senior paper on him in high-school.  And can honestly say he  is my favorite poet, and possibly my favorite author.  Happy birthday! (One of these days I'll bring you that cognac!)

What about you?  What made you smile this week?