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What I've Been Pinning

Pinterest is one of my favorite websites; but also one of the most pointless ones.  
I have boards full of gorgeous hair-dos, fun outfits, lovely crochet patterns, and recipes that look delicious.  For the most part though, the ideas Pinterest builds in my mind never come to pass.  Instead, I waste hours each week browsing through photos of tattoos, photography tips, and "I can haz" cats, re-pinning like there's no tomorrow.
That realization doesn't stop me from scheming and planning though; so for now, here are some of my favorite pins.

I absolutely adore the placement, and anybody acquainted with my blog knows how much I love cats...but maybe a tattoo of a kitten behind my ear screams "crazy cat lady" a bit too loudly.
I know it'll be years before I find myself waking up in my own house, especially one this beautiful...but a girl can dream of brightly colored walls and floor-to-ceiling windows, right?
Not only do these look delicious and healthy, but they're so fun and different!
And I wouldn't even need a passport to see this breath-taking view in Western Maine
This dress has me dreaming of springtime...
I'm loving this scarf
What about you?  What have you pinning lately?


PS. click the photos to link to the original source :)