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Fridays are for Open Letters

For most of my life, I've loved letters.
I guess, having grown up with the Internet, I romanticized them - as I tend to do with things of the past.
I've had pen-pals, I write letters to myself, letters to my cousin in high-school, and for most of my freshman year - I wrote letters to all my friends back home (until I realized they weren't interested in responding in a non-electronic format).  
So naturally, when I came across Alexa's Friday Letters (an idea she jumped on at The Sweet Season) I was intrigued.  


Dear classes,
you know I love you, and always have.  You mix things up, and let me learn new things, a personal favorite hobby of mine.  I have to admit, you have me feeling lazy this week; you're coming on pretty strong with all the text books and readings and papers and quizzes already.  But you're so so interesting - who knew just how similar twins really are?? I sure didn't.
So I'm ready for you classes.  I'm ready for you, and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for the next couple of months.


Dear Nemo,
As a little girl, I loved you as a talking cartoon fish with a missing fin.  As a snow storm, I'm not so happy to see you. Please go easy on my little Pennsylvania town...

Dear Girl Scout Cookies, 
Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and in the year since I've seen you last I'll admit - I missed your lemon icing topping.  And for only $4, what else could a poor college girl ask for?
I'll be back for more next week, Girl Scout Cookies.

Dear Orchid,
Please don't die on me. I know I'm not quite sure how to do this - but just give me time.  I promise I'll learn how best to care for your beautiful pink flowers soon.


Dear Outdated Cell-Phone,
I'm sorry it has to end this way.  I know I loved you at one time, but lately it seems like we've been growing apart...  You turn yourself off to me when I need to most, without even letting me know.  Maybe you're just going through a rough time, and I'm trying to love you through your mood swings, but I'll be honest: at the end of the month, I'm trading you in for a newer model.
I'm sorry if this seems sudden, but just know this: it's not me - it's you.

Dear Readers,
Who have you been wanting to write a letter to this week?  Join in the fun, and leave me a link so I can read yours!