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In which I Ask the Deep Questions

"If someone came up to you and handed you a book and you started reading it and realized it was a book about your life, would you read it to the end?"

At some point, we've all be asked this question, and it always brings with it a thousand more....
And if I did know when it would end, would I change anything?....
and would those changes be as meaningful as if I had done them otherwise?
Does it make a difference; if I had forever, wouldn't I eventually get around to doing everything on my bucket list?  Or do I need the finality of life to motivate me?
What would I do differently, anyway?

...questions nobody really knows how to answer unless they find themselves in the situation.
Do we ever really believe in change, in action unless we don't have time to put it off?  Do the same deadlines we craved in high-school apply to life, too?

I could list a thousand more questions, but I don't think I'd find any answers that way.
I don't think that really, without the situation to guide us, we can ever find the answers to anything;
but as long as I'm trying, I don't want to know.
If I only do something because I feel like it's my last chance to do it...doesn't it change the meaning?
I think life changes, deep personal changes, have to come from you desperately wanting that change.  If you only make the leap because you feel obligated - you haven't really changed anything.

What do you think?  Would you want to know?  And would it make a difference if you did know?