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One day, my Saturdays will be full of you;
full of you, and me, and a thousand simple moments.

Hot chocolate in bed before either of us can wake ourselves up enough to check the mail;
sharing a copy of the local paper - you doing the crossword, me checking for editing mistakes; the cat curled in a ball between our partially intertwined legs, the sun slanting through the windows and landing right on her side in the way it always seems to wherever she lies down;
a shared bowl of rasberries for lunch while we scroll through the Netflix que, my head on your shoulder and your arm around mine;
singing along (off key) to our song as we move easily around each other, making dinner together;
a shower together at the end of the night, and finding our way into bed sometime around 10PM, and wishing tomorrow never has to come; falling asleep with our legs intertwined and the cat searching for that strip of sunlight by our feet.

One day, my Saturdays will be full of you;
of you, and me, and the thousand simple moments that make up who we are.


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