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Thank goodness it's Friday, amiright?
Because let me be honest guys, I. Am. Exhausted.  (Would it be acceptable, at 21, to spend the majority of my weekend sleeping and watching shows too embarrassing to be mentioned here? No? Oops...)

BUT, in other news of why Friday is exciting- it's time for some letters!
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Dear Irish Potatoes I know that you're completely awful for me, but that probably won't stop me from eating an 2 10 (or so) entire box(es) of you over the next month.  
Dear Local Grocery Stores WHY do you not carry Chobani anymore?  I had to go to three of you just to find my yogurt.  Not okay, grocery stores.  Not okay. (although, perhaps buying roughly 12 containers of yogurt just to be sure isn't okay either...)
Dear Mumford & Sons You are perfect.  Don't change a thing.  Well...except for your tour locations/dates - please come to PA/NJ more often??
Dear Ireland Speaking of Irish Potatoes....would it be okay if I came back and stayed forever in your rolling green hills?

Photo taken by my brother in Wicklow, Ireland :)

 Dear 90% off Valentine's Candy I knew there was a reason I loved February 15th so much....
Dear weather please please please with sugar on top make up your mind.  And by make up your mind, I mean be warm. Now. Kaythanksloveyou
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