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A few weeks ago, as I made my way from one class to the next and some sort of freak hail storm attacked the quad, the local preacher stood on top of a box, one hand on the Bible and the other in the air while his friends shoved pamphlets into each of our hands.
He preached to a group of ever-loyal, ever-changing biology students who fought him on every word that spilled out of his mouth.  For every Bible quote he had, they had one from a text book, a research paper, a well-known scientist.
The debate of Creation vs Evolution, brought to life in the moments between classes.

Since I've started college, I've probably seen this man 50, 60 times - always on his soap box, always with his Bible, always warning of the horrors Hell will bring for those unwilling to repent.
Still, I don't know his name, or even what church he belongs to - there are at least 10 in the three blocks leading from campus to the heart of town.

I don't know what brings him to the campus, year after year, to fight with the science students who tell him he's wrong; but I can guess.

Statistically, we're as undecided now as we'll ever be - in religion, in faith, in politics, even in what we want to be doing in five years.  If ever there were a perfect group of people to preach to, it would be students.

But as I dodged past the men with pamphlets, a book over my head to protect me from the hail and practically running to my next class, I wasn't sure it was that great of an idea after all.

Is one man with a Bible going to change our minds?  As undecided as most of us are, we're also incredibly stubborn.  We think that we know it all, and is anything other than experience going to change our minds, if our minds need changing at all?

Can one man and a pamphlet make any sort of difference, or will it take so much more than that?

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