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So Much to Do in So Little Time (but not really)

Another week, another to-do list; and with this week being Spring Break, I'm hoping it will be a different kind of productive.
But first, what did I actually end up accomplishing last week?
(1) er...write this list
(2) Start drinking a lot more water
(It took me until the end of the week, but I did do it!
(3) Spend a lot of time in the library, and ace my mid-terms this week.
(Well...maybe I didn't spend a lot of time, but I did go.  And check back with me on that second part when grades go up!
(4) Find some orchid food
(okay, that just didn't happen.  I didn't even look....)
(5) As long as the weather stays this gorgeous, go outside with my camera.

(Okay, it's not much....but it didn't stay nice for very long.  So I'm off the hook, right?)
(6) Do the laundry

I did over half....4/6 isn't bad, right?  Okay, maybe I'll do better this week...

Sunday To-Do's, Take Two
(1) Read (and finish) a book.  I haven't been able to get through an entire book in forever. Hopefully a week off of school will give me time to do just that.  Maybe Witches of Eastwick will be the lucky winner?
(2) Go to the outlets!  I mean, they're around the corner - how can I not?
(3) See my friends.  Being at school for months at a time means not seeing my friends for months at a time.
(4) Find orchid food!
(5) Find some time to go for a walk with my camera, as long as this snow/sleet/rain stops.

Not much, but is Spring Break for a reason, right?
Do you have any special plans this week?

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