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Easy Peasy Monday

You know what I love about Mondays in the blogworld?  They're easy.
(PS. I completely stole this idea from Robin at The Sunshine Diary)

Wondering why Spring Break is so cold.
Reading The Witches of Eastwick and Angela's Ashes.  I couldn't decide which I wanted to I just found myself reading both. Sure proof that I won't finish either.
Loving this little break from classes
Listening to The Milk Carton Kids. I know...finally something other than Mumford & Sons.  Don't worry - I'll be back to them or the Beatles soon, I'm sure.  For now, take a listen to my favorite of their songs.

Seeing my friends from home, finally.
Buying way too much stuff at the outlets.  It was all so cute, though...
Enjoying the transition to Bloglovin', a surprise even to me - I was never really a fan of the site.  But now that I'm being forced to use it, I'm finding that I like it.  What's your new blogging source?

What about you?  What have you been up to lately?

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