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Dear Spring I know I've said this a few times in almost every post for the past two months, but pretty please get here soon.  I miss the green, and the flowers....
Dear Self-Defense Class I'm sorry my friends and I seem so weird.  It's just because, well...because we're weird.
Dear Mike n' Ikes why do you taste so good?
Dear First Tests of the Semester I was so hoping you'd never come....please take it easy on me
Dear Spring Break come soon!
Dear March I'm so glad you're here - unpack and stay a while, won't you?
Dear all You Lovely Bloggers Who's Pages I'm Sponsoring On (whew, that was a long one) Thank you so much for having me :)
And to all the Lovely Bloggers Here Because of Those Ads Thanks so much for stopping by!  It's great to have you here!  If you're a little confused, stop over here for the introduction.

Confused, and maybe a little interested (because who wouldn't be interested in a post full of letters)??
Check out The Sweet Season, and join us for Friday's Letters



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