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If I Could Just Crawl Between the Skyscrapers

New York City skyline - November, 2012
All my life, I looked towards the city.
I saw myself there - in my one bedroom apartment, or on the street outside my building hailing a cab, or on my way to a restaurant with friends.  Or even just (and to be honest, mostly) just standing in the center of it all, looking up.

In high-school, my junior class trip was to Boston.  As we drove into the city for dinner our first night there, I stared up around us at the lights and a boy sitting next to me on the bus remarked
You're one of those people.
The kind of person who just thinks the city is so beautiful.
And I was. Oh, I was.

And in that moment, I so wanted to be a part of it all, to get out of the small town where it felt like everyone knew my name (even though they so didn't - we're not that small) and escape to somewhere among the skyscrapers.  I wanted to find myself in an office with a city-view window, looking out over the beautiful winding roads and oddly shaped buildings that I got to call home.

It seemed so big, and I felt big enough to fit inside of it.


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