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An Open Letter to John Cusak

Time is weird.
Throughout the week - when I'm writing papers, going to classes, and all that stuff - it all seems to go so slow.  But when Friday rolls around and I think, "didn't I just write Friday Letters?" I remember how short seven days really is...
All this to say - have some letters, and join us over at The Sweet Season, won't you?

Dear 24-hour stomach thing that was awful.  Seriously - never come back, because just thinking about you makes me feel sick all over again.  And not regular old sick either - that was just...awful.
Dear me breathe.  I honestly don't think you do that enough.  All that worrying you do, and it doesn't change the outcome...or does it?  Scratch that, keep crazy and worry on (that's the saying, right?)
Dear Spring why don't you feel or look anything like I remember Spring feeling and looking?  What is this snow stuff?
Dear Instragram you make taking way too many pictures of my cat so much easier.  So thanks for that.

Dear Craigslist I was always wary of you...and now that I'm furniture hunting, I realize why. (okay, never thought I'd be writing about Craigslist on here...)
Dear John Cusak I'll admit, I was pretty wary of The Raven.  I had no faith in you.  So, I guess this is me apologizing, John - I really enjoyed that movie.  I'd like to watch it again sometime (read: tonight)
(seriously people, if you like Poe or mystery - that movie is wonderful!)
Dear Spring Break you haven't been nearly as refreshing or relaxing as I had been hoping...guess it's back to school on Monday anyway.



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